Walmart Tent Return Policy [Used Tents, Damaged Tents, No Receipt + More] 

Walmart offers a range of camping equipment to keep you safe and warm during your outdoor adventures, from sleeping bags to camping chairs!

But what if it’s the tent itself that is not the right fit for you, or perhaps it is defective or damaged? We’ve compiled all you need to know about Walmart’s tent return policy in this article for you. Here is everything we found!   

Walmart Tent Return Policy

Walmart will accept returns of tents within 90 days of purchase as long as the tent has not been used or is defective. To return a tent to Walmart, customers should have the original packaging, accessories, and receipt to receive a full refund. If no receipt is provided, a store credit may be given.

To learn more about how to return a damaged tent to Walmart, and what to do if you don’t have a receipt, keep on reading!

Can You Return Used Tents To Walmart?

In most cases, Walmart will not accept returns of used or dirty tents as this is an item that many people buy to use once and then return.

Some Walmart associates have also said that Walmart stores located in tourist and camping hotspots have a strict no-returns policy for used tents, even within the 90-day period, as many customers were abusing the policy.

However, if you discover that your tent is damaged whilst you are using it due to poor manufacturing or it did not perform as advertised (waterproof, windproof, etc.), you may be able to build a case for a return.

If this is the case, simply visit your local Walmart store and state that the tent was poorly crafted and did not withstand the elements, which resulted in wear and tear.

Can You Return Damaged Tents To Walmart?

If you purchased a tent and discovered that it is damaged pre to personal use, you are eligible for a return, exchange or refund at Walmart, as long as this is made within 90 days after purchase alongside the original packaging.  

Tents that have been damaged whilst in use or are brought into the store after the 90-day period are not permitted for a return under Walmart’s policy.  

However, as stated above, if the tent broke due to poor stitching in the nylon/polyester base or covering, you may have grounds for a return.

How Do You Return A Tent To Walmart?

How Do You Return A Tent To Walmart?

To return a tent to Walmart, you can mail the tent back to Walmart for free using their online services.  

Alternatively, you can bring the product back (with all accessories such as stakes, ropes, tent bags, poles, canopies, etc.) to your nearest Walmart and ask for a return at the service help desk.  

It is best to bring with you the original receipt to show proof of purchase as well as government-issued photo identification. You must return the item alongside the tent’s full original packaging. 

Can You Return A Tent To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can return a tent to Walmart without a receipt as long as it has the original packaging, is in unused condition, and the return is made within the 90-day window.  

You must bring with you a form of valid government-issued photo identification, such as your driver’s license, in order for staff to authorize your purchase.

Additionally, Walmart reserve the right to deny return requests, and whether your return is accepted may differ from store to store.  

Do You Need To Have The Original Packaging To Return A Tent To Walmart?

Yes. In order to make a tent return to Walmart, you must still have the original packaging. It is fine if the box is opened or the tent is already out of the packaging as long as all the original packaging is available. 

Does Walmart Allow Exchanges For Tents?

Walmart typically does allow exchanges for tents within the 90-day return period as long as the tent is unopened, in standard unused condition, or was purchased without knowledge of product defects or damages.

You must bring with you the original packaging, and it is best also to bring the original receipt, as well as a valid government-issued photo identification.  

Despite this, Walmart staff do have the final say in whether your tent is eligible for an exchange, so you may find it helpful to contact your local Walmart store to discuss your specific situation beforehand. 

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To summarize, Walmart allows up to 90 days for tents to be returned for a refund or exchange. In most cases, returns will be generally more accepted if the tent is returned to the store in an unused condition with full packaging and receipt, though Walmart does allow returns to be accepted without a receipt.

In the latter case, you will need to provide a valid government-issued photo identification that will be used by Walmart staff to confirm your past purchase of the tent.  

Ultimately, Walmart has the final say when it comes to returning items, and this may vary depending on the store.

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