Walmart Vacuum Return Policy [All You Need To Know]

Many consumers head to Walmart to shop for their wide range of affordable household appliances. You can find a selection of known Vacuum brands at Walmart, some costing as little as $22!

Now, this may seem like a bargain, but no one wants to lose their money on an unwanted item, so can you return a vacuum? I have all the information you’ll need to know!

Walmart Vacuum Return Policy

Walmart’s vacuum return policy allows customers to return their vacuum within 90 days of purchase for a full refund when a receipt, original packaging, and accessories are provided. If no proof of purchase is available, customers may be eligible for a Walmart store credit or a full cash refund if proof of purchase is shown.

To learn more about returning your vacuum to Walmart, online returns, plus more, keep on reading!

How Do I Return a Vacuum Purchased From Walmart?

Vacuums purchased online or in-store at Walmart can be returned in-store, by mail, or scheduled FedEx pickup within 90 days of purchase.

If you wish to receive an in-store refund, you’ll need to bring your vacuum in its original packaging alongside the order number.

Additionally, you can also ship your vacuum back to Walmart for free. Just ensure the vacuum is securely packaged before sending.

Next, head over to your online account’s purchase history, where you can request either a refund or replacement. Attach your printable free returns label and blur out any previous bar codes. Parcels can be shipped from FedEx or USPS.

If you purchased your Vacuum at Walmart’s Marketplace, you’d have a minimum of 30 days from purchase to process a return. Check with your third-party retailer for their exact policy.

Can I Return A Used Or Faulty Vacuum To Walmart?

Can I Return A Used Or Faulty Vacuum To Walmart?

Yes, you can return a used or faulty vacuum to Walmart (including Dyson, Hoover, iRobot, Shark, Bissell, etc.), as long as it is within 90 days of purchase (including a receipt and original packaging).

Once at the customer service desk, a Walmart associate will process your return in the form of a full refund, store credit, or a replacement vacuum.

If you have lost your receipt, you still may be eligible for a return, but you will only be given a Walmart store credit (learn more below!).

I Have Opened My Vacuum Box, Can I Still Return It To Walmart?

Yes, vacuums purchased within 90 days can be returned, even after they’ve been opened. Ensure you return the Vacuum with all original packaging and accessories to receive a full refund.

Do I Need A Receipt To Return a Vacuum At Walmart?

Preferably yes. By bringing a receipt, refunds are quickly processed with the payment method you used at purchase.

If you have lost your receipt, you’ll need to return the Vacuum with any original packaging and accessories. Government-issued photo ID and bar codes can be used to authorize purchases during a refund verification process.

If the return is processed, store credit will be offered on items worth $25 and over, while cash refunds can be processed on items costing less than $25.

One thing to note is that Walmart cannot guarantee refunds without the appropriate proof of purchase, so this is up to the store manager’s discretion.

Will Walmart Replace my Vacuum?

Yes, in most cases, Walmart will offer you a replacement vacuum when you choose to return your original one.

If Walmart does not stock a suitable replacement, you may consider shopping for replacement accessories and vacuum care supplies available in-store or at

Can I Use Walmart’s Mobile Express To Return A Vacuum?

Yes, Walmart’s Mobile Express is an even easier way to process a vacuum return! Access your app to view your purchase history and select the item you wish to return.

Next, choose your preferred method of return; in-store returns can be swiftly completed at the Mobile Express Lane.

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You’ll have 90 days from purchase to return a Vacuum purchased in-store or from Walmart online. Vacuums bought on Marketplace will have a minimum of 30 days to be returned. Receive a refund, exchange, or replacement in-store, by mail, or schedule a FedEx pickup for free.

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