What Shipping Company Does Chewy Use? (All You Need to Know)

As a purely online business, one of Chewy’s core principles is ensuring that deliveries are fast and convenient for customers. This has been largely successful, leading many to wonder which shipping company Chewy uses.

So, which company does Chewy ship with? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered regarding this topic!

What Shipping Company Does Chewy Use In [currentyear]?

Chewy uses FedEx Home Delivery and “other premium shippers” to ship in [currentyear]. FedEx Home Delivery’s 1 to 5 day wait time is how Chewy is able to make its delivery times of between 1 and 3 days. Chewy also uses FedEx Home Delivery’s weekend shipping. Previously, Chewy also used LaserShip but abandoned it after numerous customer complaints.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about which shipping company Chewy uses, including where it ships from, other shippers Chey has used, and more!

How Does Chewy Ship So Fast?

Chewy is able to ship as fast as it does because of its combination of a relatively fast shipper and fulfillment centers located strategically across the country.

Chewy uses FedEx Home Delivery to ship, a company that is focused on making deliveries as fast and convenient as possible.

For starters, FedEx Home Delivery has very low wait times compared to a lot of other services, at between 1 and 5 days.

This window is for anywhere within the 48 contiguous states, meaning a delivery person can pick something up at one end of the country and send it to the other end within days.

Chewy further cuts down on this time by having fulfillment centers spread out all over the country, covering the following areas:

  • North (PA, IN, KS, MO, and OH)
  • South (TX, KY, and NC)
  • East (FL)
  • West Coast (NV and AZ)

With this setup, Chewy can process a customer’s order and hand it over to the shipping company right from the fulfillment center that’s closest.

Packages can also be delivered faster than if the company was operating from a national central hub.

Moreover, FedEx Home Delivery also provides weekend shipping services.

This means that the routine does not get slowed down by weekends like it would be if FedEx only operated on business days.

How Does Chewy Ship So Fast?

Chewy also ships only within the contiguous United States, meaning it can get everything done without needing to hand over packages too many times.

Shipping something between states connected by an interstate freeway is far easier and faster than having to cross national borders or go through the ocean.

At one point, though, Chewy used to ship using LaserShip alongside FedEx Home Delivery and other premium shippers.

With time, Chewy stopped using this company following several customer complaints where packages were unable to be tracked, and shipments were arriving slower than expected.

Chewy didn’t make an official announcement when it ditched LaserShip, but a January 2020 tweet from the official Chewy account confirmed that it had stopped using this company to ship.

Where Does Chewy Ship From?

Chewy ships from several strategically placed fulfillment centers and warehouses across the country, located in the following states:

  1. Pennsylvania
  2. Nevada
  3. Indiana
  4. Texas
  5. Kentucky
  6. Arizona
  7. North Carolina
  8. Kansas
  9. Missouri
  10. Florida
  11. Ohio

Pennsylvania has the most Chewy fulfillment centers at 5 locations. Every other state mentioned has one each.

From these locations, Chewy hands over shipments to companies like FedEx who will then get them to customers living in or around those regions, allowing for faster delivery.

Where Doesn’t Chewy Ship?

Chewy doesn’t ship outside the 48 contiguous US states, meaning it doesn’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.

Aside from these places, Chewy also doesn’t ship to any countries other than the US, not even Canada.

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As per the company website, Chewy uses FedEx Home Delivery and “other premium shippers” to ship.

Previously, Chewy also used LaserShip to deliver orders but stopped when the service was found to be unreliable.

FedEx Home Delivery allows Chewy to make its 1 to 3-day delivery window because its own policy is within 1 to 5 days.

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