When Does Safeway Restock? (Shipments, Products, Times + More)

Stores having specific times for restocking enables customers to access their full stock around the same time every week.

So if you’re a regular shopper at Safeway, perhaps you’re wondering when they restock their store. If so, keep reading through this article to see what I learned! 

When Does Safeway Restock? 

According to various Safeway employees, Safeway will generally restock their store during closed hours. While all store hours vary, the stores will often restock between the hours of 12 am- 5 am. Safeway will receive stock 2-3 days per week, and the Safeway Pharmacy receives small totes of stock every weekday.  

If you’d like to learn more about which days Safeway restocks, which shipments Safeway regularly receives, which products they regularly restock, and more, continue reading!

What Time of the Day Does Safeway Restock?

All Safeway store locations run on slightly different hours, but every store is generally closed between the hours of 12 am- 5 am.  

This is usually when Safeway staff restock their shelves, as it doesn’t disturb any customers and provides the clientele with a full selection of products for the following day.  

However, some products get shipped and driven to Safeway during the workday, and these will generally be stocked in the store during their operational hours.  

Which Products Does Safeway Regularly Restock?

Typically, Safeway will purchase and stock produce from local farms, so there is a regular selection of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and other produce. 

In addition, to produce, they always stock their Safeway brand products. These products include: 

  •  O Organics 
  •  Open Nature 
  •  Signature Family of Brands 
  •  Signature Care 
  •  Lucerne, waterfrontBISTRO 
  • Primo Taglio 
  • debi lilly design.  

Additionally, in the flower department, Safeway carries some staple stock.

Roses, carnations, and tulips can generally be found at the flower department regularly, and the selection widens during the spring and summer seasons.  

Which Shipments Does Safeway Regularly Receive?

Which Shipments Does Safeway Regularly Receive

While Safeway usually stocks during non-operational hours, some vendors will bring their orders to the stores during the day.  

Vendors such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Frito Lay, and other trucks will generally deliver packages between the mornings and afternoons of store operating hours.

For these and other similar products, Safeway staff will usually stock their shipments on the same day they were delivered. 

When Does Safeway Pharmacy Restock?

Safeway Pharmacy restocks separately from the rest of the store.

According to pharmacy staff in one location, they receive totes of stock every day from McKesson Pharmaceuticals with packages of pharmacy equipment, medication, containers, cleaning supplies, etc. 

Additionally, it seems that Safeway receives different items each time (tools, containers, pills, etc), so there is no exact day of the week they receive medication.

However, customers will generally be able to purchase new medication before the end of each week.  

Customers should also remember that shipment times and dates vary per store location.

Therefore, if customers wish to know when a good time to purchase new medication is to come to the pharmacy, they are encouraged to phone their local Safeway ahead of time.

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Safeway’s restocking schedule will vary slightly per store location, depending on each store’s operation hours.

However, the stores are generally closed between 12 am- 5 am, when Safeway staff usually begin their restocking process.

Some vendors who sell to Safeway, such as Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, Pepsi, and others, may deliver their shipments during store hours, and therefore Safeway staff will restock these products during customer service hours.

Safeway Pharmacy restocks every week day.

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