Who Makes Furniture for Big Lots? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots is one of the largest discount furniture stores in the US, stocking several popular brands and even private label brands.

However, are you curious about who makes all this furniture for Big Lots? If so, keep reading to learn more about this subject!

Who Makes Furniture for Big Lots In 2024?

Most of the furniture sold under Big Lots is obtained from clearance sales by manufacturers or other stockers in 2024. This furniture is manufactured by its brand owners and only retailed by Big Lots. However, Big Lots has acquired the Broyhill furniture brand and the private label brand Real Living.

If you would like to know more about who makes Big Lots’ furniture, what it’s made of, and much more, keep reading!

Where Does Big Lots Get Its Furniture?

Big Lots is a discount closeout retailer that gets its furniture from the overstock of manufacturers and other retailers and wholesalers.

The furniture comes from manufacturers like Simmons, Serta, Signature Design by Ashleys, and Ameriwood Home.

These manufacturers feature some of the most popular furniture brands on the market.

Big Lots has also acquired the Broyhill furniture brand and the private label brand Real Living.

Who Makes Broyhill Furniture for Big Lots?

Big Lots owns the Broyhill furniture brand, which is made by an undisclosed Chinese-owned company.

Previously, the brand was owned by Heritage Home Group until it ran into financial difficulties and sold off most of its inventory to Big Lots.

Big Lots bought the brand and farmed out manufacturing to the Chinese company that manufactures furniture for other US brands as well.

The retailer stocks some categories of furniture from the Broyhill brand and licenses other types to other players in the industry.

Does Big Lots Sell Well Made Furniture?

The furniture sold at Big Lots is not made by the retailer and is acquired as overstock.

As such, Big Lots cannot guarantee that it’s free from defects.

Most of the furniture comes from reputable brands, but they were unsellable for one reason or another.

It’s not strange to find high-quality flawless furniture in the Big Lots stores, but some of the items might be broken or the upholstery damaged.

Additionally, there have been complaints that Broyhill’s furniture quality has deteriorated since Big Lots took over the brand.

Do Big Lots Own Private Label Brand Furniture?

Big Lots owns the Real Living furniture brand.

Under that brand, it features indoor and outdoor furniture at entry-level prices, ideal for furnishing on a budget.

The Real Living and Broyhill brands have made it possible for Big Lots to expand its furniture selection and enter a slightly upstream market.

Patio décor furniture and indoor and storage furniture are all featured under the Real Living brand.

What Are Big Lots Furniture Made Out Of?

What Is Big Lots Furniture Made Out Of?

Big Lots furniture is made of various materials, depending on where the products were sourced.

Furniture items bought as overstock will generally be made out of the same materials as the rest of the brand.

Therefore, you can find items made of solid, well-finished wood, with high-quality upholstering and sturdy structures.

Nonetheless, while the Broyhill brand was well known for the high quality of its materials and finishings, buyers protest that the items are now made from non-durable material.

Similar charges have been leveled against Real Living products, where the faux leather upholstering peels off after only a short time.

Does Big Lots Furniture Come Assembled?

Big Lots furniture doesn’t come assembled, and Big Lots doesn’t offer assembly services.

Third-party delivery services may offer the option to assemble on top of the delivery services, which is convenient if professionally done.

However, if the assembly is improperly done, it may void the furniture’s warranty.

Returns or recall of assembled furniture is still possible as long as the rest of the requirements are met.

Where Can I Get Information About Where Big Lots Furniture Is Made?

If you’re shopping online, you can access how, when, and by whom your furniture was made by clicking on the product description.

If the information isn’t available, you can contact Big Lots directly via its contact us page, asking for the specific information you want.

What Kind of Furniture Can I Get at Big Lots?

The furniture found at Big Lots is suitable for most furnishing purposes.

The retailer stocks indoor furniture for every room in the house, storage furniture, as well as outdoor furniture.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not Big Lots have furniture sales, if Big Lots furniture is good, and does Big Lots delivers.


Big Lots doesn’t make most of its furniture, nor does it control how it’s made. However, the company’s Broyhill and Real Living brand products are made for it by a company based in the US.

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