Who Makes Hampton Bay Products For Home Depot? (Products, Suppliers + More)

Home Depot provides several in-house brands to customers that promise quality goods for competitive prices, such as Behr, Glacier Bay, and the ever-popular Hampton Bay.

If you’ve frequently bought Hampton Bay items, you may wonder who makes Hampton Bay products for Home Depot. Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Who Makes Hampton Bay Products For Home Depot?

Hampton Bay products are manufactured by a wide range of companies, including Sunjoy, Fedders Corporation, and Woodcrafters. Since the Home Depot Hampton Bay brand includes a wide range of products from fans, cabinets, furniture, and lighting, many different manufacturers are located in the USA and China.

If you want to learn more about the products sold under the Hampton Bay brand, where products like cabinets and furniture are manufactured, and much more, keep reading!

Who Owns The Hampton Bay Brand Sold At Home Depot?

Hampton Bay is owned by Home Depot and is one of the company’s exclusive in-house brands.

As a subsidiary completely owned and distributed by Home Depot, all Hampton Bay fans, lighting fixtures, and furniture are manufactured for and sold through Home Depot.

Because of this, no other furniture or home improvement warehouses stock or sell Hampton Bay goods.

Who Makes Hampton Bay For Home Depot?

According to the company, Hampton Bay is the logo for a variety of home goods sold, but not manufactured, by this brand.

Instead, the goods are manufactured by various third-party suppliers and vendors contracted to Home Depot to create these products.

As such, not all Hampton Bay products are created in the same place or by the same supplier, depending on the complexity of the process and components needed.

Hampton Bay product manufacturing is split between Asia and the United States. Components can be made in factories in China and later assembled at locations in America.

Other than that, check out our article on Behr paint if you want to know who makes the exclusive paint brand for Home Depot.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Air Conditioners For Home Depot?

Hampton Bay air conditioners sold by Home Depot can be seasonal products depending on the store location.

These are primarily made by the Fedders Corporation, manufacturing based in New Jersey.

Other air conditioner suppliers that Home Depot offers include LG and GE.

However, these manufacturers no longer make air conditioner units for the Hampton Bay brand and are considered competitors in the Home Depot sales hierarchy.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Cabinets For Home Depot?

Home Depot’s range of cabinets sold under the Hampton Bay brand includes those for the kitchen and bathroom.

Like other Hampton Bay products, the leading supplier for these items is an entirely separate company from Home Depot.

Hampton Bay cabinets are made in the United States and overseas factories, primarily in California, Florida, Texas, and Asia.

The company supplying Hampton Bay cabinets with the units themselves is called JSA Industries in California, with a joint company for manufacturing in Texas called Woodcrafters.

When it comes to overseas production, the main center for manufacturing is in China, which can be seen on Hampton Bay cabinet labels.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans For Home Depot?

Who Makes Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans For Home Depot?

Hampton Bay offers six categories of ceiling fans, including those with flush-mount installation, lights, indoor and outdoor, remotes, and QuickFit installation.

It is difficult to establish a named supplier or vendor behind the manufacture of Hampton Bay ceiling fans, suggesting that various third-party vendors manufacture them.

This is mainly because these goods are explicitly provided by Hampton Bay Lighting and Fans, a subsidiary of the main Hampton Bay company.

However, the Hampton Bay ceiling fans seem to be assembled in the United States from components manufactured within factories in Asia, specifically in China.

Ceiling fans are a product that Hampton Bay is well known for and has become a staple in Home Depot’s range of in-house goods.

These Hampton Bay ceiling fans retail with popular prices and good reviews across the board and are used by renovators and DIY-ers alike.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Patio Furniture For Home Depot?

Home Depot is well known for its range of affordable Hampton Bay patio goods, with items including:

  • Patio seats
  • Patio tables
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Cushions
  • Umbrellas and gazebos
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Outdoor heaters and lighting fixtures
  • Furniture covers

Due to the wide range of patio goods sold by Home Depot, several third-party suppliers likely manufacture each piece, with vendors based in the U.S. and across Asia.

According to product labels and shipping information, Hampton Bay patio furniture is manufactured in China before being delivered to Home Depot as the exclusive dealer.

Check out the ‘Made in…’ title on the production or serial number to determine where your item came from.

If your product does not have this, various pieces are likely made at separate locations.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Gazebos For Home Depot?

Like the rest of Hampton Bay’s patio furniture selection, Gazebos are primarily manufactured in China.

They are then shipped to North America for distribution in the United States and Canada by Home Depot.

Rumors that Sunjoy used to manufacture gazebos for Hampton Bay have circulated in online communities, but Home Depot has not confirmed the actual supplier of its gazebos.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Lighting For Home Depot?

Like the brand’s ceiling fan products, the company primarily manufactures Hampton Bay lighting by assembling these fixtures in local in-state plants.

However, the components for these lighting fixtures are made outside of the United States in factories based in China.

Because Hampton Bay completes the make of lighting fixtures within localized headquarters, these goods can be marketed for a better cost than other competitor’s lighting products.

Hampton Bay Lighting and Fans is an exclusive portion of the Home Depot supplier system and can be easily contacted for service advice and customer helplines for assistance.

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Hampton Bay products are sold exclusively by Home Depot as one of its affordable in-house product lines, offering various furnishings, fixtures, and fans.

However, it is simply a brand and not a manufacturing company. Most Hampton Bay products are created by various suppliers around the country or overseas before being distributed by Home Depot both in-store and online.

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