Amazon Drone Return Policy (Used, Damaged, After 30 Days, Models + More)

Amazon is one of the most popular online places to shop for technology, and high-flying drones are no exception.

If you’ve looked at drones on Amazon, you may be wondering what Amazon’s drone return policy is. I wanted to know that, too, so I started researching, and here’s everything I found out.

What Is Amazon’s Drone Return Policy?

Amazon accepts most drone returns within 30 days under its standard return, refund, or replacement policy. The drone needs to be new for a full refund; otherwise, if it arrives damaged, Amazon should also offer your money back. Some third-party sellers may have a different return policy on drones, so always check before you purchase.

If you want to know more about Amazon’s drone return policy, including if you can return drones after 30 days or if they are used, then keep on reading!

Can You Return Drones On Amazon Within 30 Days?

Amazon has a global store return policy allowing returns and refunds within 30 days of shipment on most items. A lot of drones fall under this policy, including starter drones and high-tech video camera drone devices.

To confirm the return policy on a specific drone model, check what’s listed on the product page. Under the “add to cart” and “buy now” buttons on the right hand side, you will see the seller’s details and the return policy underneath.

Additionally, drone products that are Fulfilled By Amazon are most likely to have easy and flexible return policies as they can be sent back to an Amazon warehouse near you.

Can You Return Drones On Amazon After 30 Days?

Amazon accepts some returns after 30 days if you pay for postage and restocking.

This option may be available for some drones, but it depends on the make, model, and merchant. In most cases, Amazon sellers will have a slightly different policy, so check on the product detail page before purchasing.

Sometimes you can drop off items at physical locations that accept Amazon returns (such as Kohl’s), but this depends on the item and the seller.

If you don’t see the return button under your order after 30 days, you will need to click the help button for assistance from an Amazon representative. They can walk you through the process and confirm whether or not your specific drone is eligible for returns after 30 days.

Does Amazon Accept Used Drone Returns?

As long as the drone is eligible for returns, you should have no issue returning a new, unopened drone within 30 days.

However, if the drone is used, you can contact Amazon to explore your options for that particular product, but they don’t need to accept it or give you a refund.

Drones are generally fairly expensive items, and if Amazon accepted used drone returns and couldn’t resell them, the company would lose money.

Every once in a while you may see a gently refurbished drone for sale on Amazon, but most of the time they are brand new due to strict product regulations and technical requirements.

Does Amazon Accept Damaged Drone Returns?

Does Amazon Accept Damaged Drone Returns?

Amazon accepts damaged drone returns if the drone arrived at your house damaged. In this case, it’s best to contact Amazon and initiate the return, refund, or replacement process right away within 30 days.

By making an effort to tell Amazon about the issue as soon as you notice, it seems more likely the drone was damaged during shipping and handling rather than by misuse.

Once you open the drone and fly it, it’s highly unlikely Amazon will accept a return unless there’s a significant product fault. If you damage the drone while using it, you can’t go to Amazon and ask for a refund.

What Drone Models Can Be Returned On Amazon?

Amazon sells over 1,000 different drone models and accessories, including popular brands like Holy Stone, Holyton, DJI, and Sharper Image. Most drone models can be returned on Amazon within 30 days, but some brands and third-party sellers may differ.

The easiest way to know whether or not you can return a drone on Amazon is to check the return policy clearly listed on the product detail page before buying.

Additionally, you can go back and double-check the drone return conditions in the confirmation email and under your orders in your Amazon account.

How Do You Return A Drone To Amazon?

Returning a drone to Amazon is done the same way as other returns. When you log in to your Amazon account and look at your orders, you should see the drone and the return button if eligible.

Simply click that button to start the return process, which includes an Amazon shipping label so you can get it sent off to the right warehouse.

If the return option does not appear next to the drone purchase, it may be past 30 days since shipment, or the third-party seller may not accept returns.

If you have a serious issue with your drone order such as damage or broken pieces, you can leave seller feedback or contact Amazon directly for assistance.

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Amazon has a wide selection of drones for sale, and many models can be returned unopened within 30 days of shipment.

The return policy is listed on each product detail page, and keep in mind that some third-party sellers on Amazon may have different return policies and criteria.

You can always contact Amazon for help with a drone purchase if you are not satisfied or something is missing from the box.

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