Do Amazon Packages Require A Signature? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Amazon ships over a million packages every day, not just in the U.S. but right around the globe. Part of Amazon’s charm is how easy and affordable its shipping options are.

While browsing for your favorite things online, you’ve probably stumbled upon Amazon, with its thousands of affordable products in every category. So when you place an order, do Amazon packages require a signature? Here’s what I can tell you about it!

Do Amazon Packages Require a Signature?

Amazon does not require signatures on most packages unless they are high-value items like electronics or large pieces of furniture. Generally, most Amazon packages under $500 won’t need a signature, and if you do need to sign for a package, you can adjust your shipping preferences to make sure it gets sent to someone who can sign.

Keep reading to learn more about which Amazon packages need a signature and how to update order shipping in your account.

What Amazon Packages Need a Signature?

The majority of everyday Amazon orders do not need a signature, making it easy to receive thousands of household items hassle-free.

Things like books, clothing, shoes, toys, office supplies, and dry grocery goods can usually be dropped off at your door without a signature.

However, sometimes a third-party seller on Amazon Marketplace may request a signature for delivery, which is one way to protect their reputation and confirm packages get to their intended destinations.

Also, if you spend more than $500 on an order, you can expect a signature request during delivery.

This is most common for big purchases like computers, tablets, Kindle e-readers, cell phones, and printers. 

In addition to technology products, expensive items like furniture, bikes, sporting equipment, and jewelry will probably need a signature, especially if it’s within the $500-$1,000 price range.

How To Change Amazon Shipping Preferences?

How To Change Amazon Shipping Preferences?

If you’re not sure whether an Amazon package needs a signature, check your orders and click on the shipping details to confirm.

In the case that an adult signature is required and you aren’t available, check to see if it’s shipped already.

You’re in luck if the order hasn’t shipped yet, as you can change your order information by providing a different shipping address.

This could be your place of work or a family/friend’s house where someone can sign for your package.

If the order is already on its way, you can contact the carrier and arrange to pick up the package from the post office or another location.

If you won’t be able to collect your order, you have the option to refuse delivery and contact Amazon instead.

Does Amazon Key Require a Signature?

Amazon Key is an Amazon app exclusive to Prime members that supports flexible deliveries inside their home, car, or garage.

This delivery option is designed to prevent the risk of damaged or stolen Amazon packages.

There are millions of everyday items you can order without any signature on Amazon Key.

For packages coming via Amazon Key, the delivery driver just uses the multi-authentication app to open and close the door, ensuring safe package drop-offs.

Although Amazon Key doesn’t need a signature, this means that there are some items you can’t get delivered via this program.

Anything that’s listed as needing a signature or oversized items will require someone to be home and sign for the delivery.

Does Amazon Fresh Need a Signature?

Amazon Fresh is an Amazon Prime grocery service with no-signature delivery and pick-up options.

It’s available in major cities and allows for fast same-day or next-day delivery for fresh grocery needs, including produce and frozen food.

With Amazon Fresh, you can choose a scheduled 2-hour window for grocery delivery and choose from an attended or unattended delivery.

You can opt to be home to accept your grocery order, just like you would when signing for a big package.

If you’re happy for your groceries to be left in a safe spot near your front door, then an unattended delivery with no signature is suitable for you.

Just like with normal Amazon orders, you can switch your preferences from a default unattended delivery to attended deliveries if you want to be home to sign for the packages.

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  1. I was awakened today at 6AM to come down to the lobby of building to sign for an envelope of a lip balm and eye drops that cost about $20 each. This size envelope has always been my mailbox. I will never order anything again if a signature is required. When I checked about delivery they are allowed to deliver between 4AM to 8AM. I don’t blame the delivery man he is doing what he is told but in all the years of being a Prime member I’ve never had to sign for a package. I don’t have a 24 hour doorman and I don’t want to be awakened to go to the lobby in my nightgown to sign. My cell, my landline, my intercom would not stop I had to go down. I thought it was some kind of serious emergency!

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