Walmart Evaluation (How They Evaluate Performance + Other FAQs)

As one of America’s largest retailers, Walmart employs more than 2 million people. Each year, employees are evaluated based on their attendance and job performance. Usually, this is mostly a formality, but it can be a good opportunity to get feedback.

In this article, we’ll share some more information about Walmart’s evaluation process including how it works, how often it happens, and what to expect at the end of it!

Does Walmart Do Evaluations In 2024?

Walmart evaluates both prospective and current employees in 2024. Prospective employees must take an assessment test as part of the hiring process. Active employees are evaluated once a year based on attendance and performance. A 2% yearly raise is usually given at the time of the evaluation provided that performance is satisfactory.

If you’re curious about what happens during a Walmart performance review, then make sure you finish this article for more useful facts and tips!

Does Walmart Do Employee Evaluations?

Walmart evaluates both prospective and current employees.

Prospective candidates must complete an assessment test as part of the hiring process. There are a variety of different tests, depending on the role.

Some examples include the Walmart Retail Associate Assessment, the Walmart Maintenance Assessment, and the Walmart Manager Assessment.

Although there are many different tests, they all have the same purpose, to evaluate prospective candidates for employment at Walmart.

To this end, candidates are asked to answer questions about how to handle common workplace situations, both with customers and with coworkers.

More specifically, they’re asked questions about customer service, problem-solving, work experience, and work personality.

In addition to pre-employment evaluations, Walmart also conducts yearly evaluations for associates.

How Does Walmart Evaluate Employees?

Based on what current Walmart employees say, yearly evaluations are based on attendance and performance.

Supervisors keep track of attendance using a points-based system.

If an associate is 15 minutes to 2 hours late, they’re docked ½ a point. If they’re more than 30 minutes late, they lose 1 point. They lose 2 points if they miss an entire shift.

Finally, associates may be fired if they reach 5 points.

This policy also applies to those leaving a shift early. If an associate leaves before the end of their workday, they lose ½ a point.

Performance is also measured using a scale ranging from “Role Model” (the top 2% of associates) to “Development Needed” (the bottom 10% of associates).

Unlike attendance, evaluating performance is highly subjective. Depending on the role, an associate’s score is largely up to a manager’s observations.

How Often Does Walmart Conduct Employee Evaluations?

How Often Does Walmart Conduct Employee Evaluations?

Supervisors evaluate employees after the employee completes their 90-day probationary period.

After this initial evaluation, the employee is reviewed yearly on the anniversary of their hire date.

What Happens During Your Walmart Evaluation?

Your evaluation will likely be a one-on-one meeting with your supervisor.

During that time, your supervisor will go through various performance areas (e.g. customer service, motivation, competency) and will give you a ranking.

If your rankings are low, your supervisor may give you tips for improving.

Similarly, you may be able to request advice or additional training if you feel like you’re falling behind in some area of work.

This meeting is also when you’ll receive your raise. This is usually a 2% raise for retail associates and amounts to about $0.10 to $0.23 more per hour.

What Happens If You Do Poorly on Your Walmart Evaluation?

As long as your attendance and job performance are satisfactory, your job is safe.

You may get a talking to from your supervisor, but it’s unlikely that they’ll fire you because of a poor evaluation.

Rather, it’s more likely that they’ll give you tips or suggest extra training to improve your performance.

If you repeatedly get poor marks on your evaluations, then you may face more severe consequences.

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Walmart aims to employ the best people it can get. To that end, both prospective and current employees are evaluated.

Prospective employees are asked questions about customer service and problem-solving. Current employees are evaluated on attendance and performance.

Evaluations happen after 90 days of employment, then yearly after that. It is usually during this time that employees receive their yearly raises and have a chance to check in with their supervisor about their job performance.

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