Where Does Home Depot Get Its Lumber & Other Products? (Full Guide) 

Home Depot is the go-to store in the U.S. for DIY enthusiasts and builders alike due to its wide selection of lumber, lighting, paint, and a variety of other products. 

If you’ve been getting your supplies from Home Depot for some while, you may wonder where Home Depot gets its lumber and other products. Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Lumber & Other Products?

Home Depot sources its products from a variety of places, primarily from North America. Along with U.S. and Canada-based suppliers, Home Depot also uses manufacturers in Asian countries like China. Manufacturers can even be found in South America or Europe for items such as lumber and paint. 

If you want to learn more about where Home Depot gets its carpets from, where it gets plants and flowers from, and much more, keep reading! 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Lumber?

Most of Home Depot’s lumber, including pressure-treated lumber and softwoods, comes from mills in Canada and America’s Pacific Northwest. 

On the other hand, sheathing and plywood tend to be sourced locally from in-state lumber mills. 

Additionally, Home Depot hardwoods are largely sourced from either American or South American lumber mills, where these types of wood can be cheaper in large quantities.  

Such hardwoods include maple, beech, birch planks, and non-coniferous tropical species. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Carpets?

Home Depot sells a wide variety of carpet types and brands, including indoor and outdoor, carpet tiles, and carpet padding.  

The primary brands sold at Home Depot are LifeProof and TrafficMaster, which influence where the carpeting is coming from.  

LifeProof carpeting is manufactured in China and sold through Mohawk Flooring, exclusively at Home Depot as the in-house brand at its stores. 

TrafficMaster flooring and carpet is made by Shaw Industries, Inc., and is based in Dalton, Georgia. However, the goods are manufactured through the larger conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  

Note that the TrafficMaster brand of flooring is only found at Home Depot, including laminate and vinyl flooring, and carpet tiles. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Plants and Flowers?

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Plants and Flowers?

Although this varies across store locations, a number of Home Depots get flower stocks from the Rambo Nursery, which is a greenhouse grower based in Georgia, with subsequent locations in Texas.  

Rambo Nursery provides a variety of annual and perennial plants to Home Depot on an exclusive basis.  

These include Home Depot’s stock of groundcover, shrubs, trees, succulents, and more, with a guarantee of fresh and healthy plants and garden items for all Home Depot customers. 

Other than that, another primary grower that supplies Home Depot is North Carolina-based Baucom’s Nursery. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Countertops?

Home Depot offers several options for countertops, including granite and quartz, but most Home Depot granite comes from China or South America instead of sourcing from Italian quarries.  

This gives shoppers a wide variety of granite finishes and colors for a fraction of the price. 

Home Depot uses Cambria-branded natural quartz surfaces to provide options for refinishing your countertop in hardy quartz.  

Note that Cambria itself makes quartz countertops locally, primarily in Minnesota and other locations in the United States. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Sod?

Because Home Depot’s fresh sod is produced locally, you can find incredibly fresh grass in-store and available online.  

Grass types include Bermuda, Blue Grass, Centipede, Fescue, St. Augustine, Zoysia, and more, and are sourced farm-fresh from growers around the United States, such as Harmony and Bethel. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Cabinets?

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Cabinets?

Home Depot has partnered with a variety of name brands to bring the best stock of kitchen cabinets into stores.  

These include Cambridge, Contractor Express, and Hampton Bay<span data-contrast=”auto”>, which manufacture kitchen cabinets and other products in a variety of locations before shipping them to Home Depot. 

Cambridge Kitchen Cabinets is a Canadian company, and so it sources materials and builds cabinets in Canada 

With engineered wood for easy maintenance and great prices, Cambridge cabinets are a great option for customers at Home Depot. 

Contractor Express Cabinets provides factoryassembled cabinetry built in the U.S., and Hampton Bay cabinets are primarily manufactured in Florida but with offshore factory holdings in Asia as well. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Lighting?

With a wide range of lighting types for every room in the house, Home Depot carries brand-name lighting from the top manufacturers, including Artika, Hampton Bay, and Livex Lighting. 

A Canadian-based lighting equipment manufacturer, Artika for Living is located in Montreal, Quebec, and creates decorative lighting fixtures for Home Depot along with other home improvement goods. 

Similar to the company’s kitchen cabinet stock, Hampton Bay products are manufactured in the United States and abroad.  

Specifically, Hampton Bay lighting is made in China before being exported for sale. 

Livex Lighting manufactures designer and decorative lighting from its headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey, where light sets are created and shipped to dealers like Home Depot. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Paint?

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Paint?

Home Depot’s paint department enjoys a wide range of suppliers, including the in-house brand Behr.  

With great quality that has been compared to that of competitor Benjamin Moore, Behr paints are made in Santa Ana, California, and the company is proud to be an all-American supplier for Home Depot. 

Other paint suppliers for Home Depot include Glidden, Rust-Oleum, and Wagner paint.  

Although Glidden paints are exclusively manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, Rust-Oleum and Wagner paints can be sourced from factories in Europe.  

In fact, Wagner paints are only manufactured in the south of Germany. 

Where Does Home Depot Get Its Faucets?

Like many other kitchen and bathroom products, Home Depot has partnered with major name brands to create a line of faucets for any type of home, including Delta, Glacier Bay, and KOHLER-branded goods. 

Global manufacturing for Delta faucets is based in Indiana and Tennessee, with Delta proudly supplying Home Depot with American-made goods. 

However, Glacier Bay and KOHLER products are manufactured further afield with locations outside of the United States. 

Glacier Bay is the exclusively maintained brand of faucets for Home Depot and has partnerships with several international manufacturing companies in China, Taiwan, and Israel to create these faucets.  

KOHLER has somewhat of an international manufacturing reach, with components being made in China and India. 

For most North American sales, however,  the final faucet product is assembled in KOHLER’s main plant in Sheridan, Arkansas. 

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Home Depot relies on a variety of sources for its lumber and other products that are stocked, both in-store and online.  

Although a lot of Home Depot’s goods are manufactured in the United States, some products are made in Canada or Asia. Additionally, depending on the type of lumber, Home Depot can even get its timber from South America. 

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